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An interview with Candice from Live Edge Forest

Show Notes

Today's episode features Candice from Live Edge Forest, a hand crafted furniture company based in Canada.

Candice and her partner Dan have been running Live Edge Forest for around five years, creating beautiful functional art furniture. They also have a stunning Instagram page showcasing their art- it's a must follow if you're a fan of woodworking, in my opinion.

Have a listen to the episode to hear Live Edge Forest's story and mission, and check out the links below as well!

What is Made to Order Podcast?

Each week we bring you interviews with small business owners and artists from all walks of life and area of expertise. What do they have in common? They all create products, art, or services that are unique and personalized just for you!

Whether you're looking for a perfect gift that the recipient will remember forever, or you would like to support small businesses with that personal touch that's missing from the giant corporations of the world, this podcast is for you!

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