Messy Sexy Me

We all have them, Exes - the good, the bad, and the ugly of ex-boyfriend/partner experiences are shared in this episode along with what RED and GREEN Flags to look for in your best relationship, with your best self.

Show Notes

Links for relationship advice/support:

What is Messy Sexy Me?

Join QuyenZi, Jessie, and Nicki each week as they share stories of their messy, sexy, adventures as women navigating very hectic lives in Los Angeles. From relationships to business, heartache to true love, social to emotional, and all the ups & downs that come with being fiercely strong yet deeply vulnerable; these women will make you laugh, cry, and be inspired to live your best (and worst) lives vicariously through three very unique perspectives. Guests on the podcast will range from celebrities, founders, educators and industry experts. Just remember, DON'T tune in if you're PERFECT.