The Retort AI Podcast

Tom and Nate discuss two major OpenAI happenings in the last week. The popular one, the chat assistant, and what it reveals about OpenAI's worldview. We pair this with discussion of OpenAI's new Model Spec, which details their RLHF goals:

This is a monumental week for AI. The product transition is completed, we can't just be researchers anymore.

00:00 Guess the Donkey Kong Character
00:50 OpenAI's New AI Girlfriend
07:08 OpenAI's Business Model and Responsible AI
08:45 GPT-2 Chatbot Thing and OpenAI's Weirdness
12:48 OpenAI and the Mystery Box
19:10 The Blurring Boundaries of Intimacy and Technology
22:05 Rousseau's Discourse on Inequality and the Impact of Technology
26:16 OpenAI's Model Spec and Its Objectives
30:10 The Unintelligibility of "Benefiting Humanity"
37:01 The Chain of Command and the Paradox of AI Love
45:46 The Form and Content of OpenAI's Model Spec
48:51 The Future of AI and Societal Disruptions

Creators & Guests

Nathan Lambert
RLHF researcher and author of blog
Thomas Krendl Gilbert
AI Ethicists and co-host of The Retort.

What is The Retort AI Podcast?

Distilling the major events and challenges in the world of artificial intelligence and machine learning, from Thomas Krendl Gilbert and Nathan Lambert.