Fair Warning

For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge and the "Year Punk Broke" 1991

Show Notes

1991 was a strange year for pop music.  "Grunge" was in.  80's metal was out.  Unless that is you were actually a 70's metal band who happened to influenced a lot of these Seattle upstarts.  This is where Van Halen finds themselves at the turn of the decade.  Ascending to "Elder Statesman" status while still keeping it in the top 10.  Perhaps that is why they are "America's Greatest Rock Band".  If you don't agree, go ahead and hit that back button.  We don't serve your kind here.

What is Fair Warning?

Jared, Chris, and Augie go balls to nuts on one of the best rock innovators / party bands of all time, Van Halen. Starting at the backyard shows to singers who come and goes.