Imagining Latinidades

Darrel Wanzer-Serrano sits down with three esteemed Latina/o/x Studies scholars — Frederick Luis Aldama, Adrian Burgos, Jr., and Ed Morales — to talk about how they came to the field, what it offers a host of audiences, and what Latina/o/x students at PWIs should keep in mind as they move through college.

Show Notes

At the conclusion of the Imagining Latinidades “Cultural Citizenships and Popular Belonging” Symposium held virtually as Episode 19 of this podcast, co-host and co-director of the Sawyer Seminar, Darrel Wanzer-Serrano sits down with the three invited guests to discuss their paths in the field. Questions included:
  • What’s your Latina/o/x Studies origin story?
  • What does Latina/o/x Studies offer your scholarship that disciplinary perspectives/methods might not?
  • What’s the value of Latina/o/x Studies to students and higher ed institutions?
  • What’s the value of Latina/o/x Studies to communities outside of academia?
  • What’s your message to a Latina/o/x listener at a PWI?
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Show notes:

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What is Imagining Latinidades?

Three Latina/o professors discuss topics and interview guests central to Latina/Latino/Latinx Studies today.