The Food Intelligence Podcast

We're excited to share a conversation between Sharon Cittone, Edible Planet Ventures CEO and Alon Chen, Tastewise CEO, originally hosted on the Food Tech Junkies podcast. Sharon and Alon explored what democratizing data means in the food and beverage industry, and what impact it can have on our food systems (and consumers!).

Want to learn more about how connections really matter for a resilient food system? Check out Sharon's TEDTalk on systemic and inclusive approaches to address climate challenges. Horizontal connections among global and local stakeholders with complementary, not competing, skills and expertise are often missing in food systems work; to make sustainable change, collaboration is the key!

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What is The Food Intelligence Podcast?

The Food Intelligence Podcast is a show from Tastewise, where we talk to innovators and leaders in the food and beverage industry to learn how they grow brands and build amazing businesses. Our mission with this show is to share valuable advice with other Go-To-Market professionals in the food industry and learn as much as we can in the process.