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In this episode, we reflect on what we call the Loner Girl aesthetic, an eccentric style epitomized by the vulnerable yet spunky YA protagonistas of decades past, best accessorized with a messenger bag, sneaker flats, and a starry-eyed disposition. We reinvigorate the teen traumacore literary canon, including the works of John Green and Ellen Hopkins, and discuss its associated social phenomena, mental health themes, and expression through personal style. We also take stock of Manic Pixie Dream Girl discourse and discuss early-career Marc Jacobs, "Banal Eccentricity" at Prada, the forgotten appeal of eggplant purple, and our own personal thirteenth reasons ...

Image board
Thirteen Reasons Why book cover styling
Related aesthetics on CARI: Hipness Purgatory, Corporate Grunge
When Miuccia Prada Invented Ugly Chic – NSS Mag (Prada S/S 1996)
Marc Jacobs Fall 2005 RTW
Your Fave is Problematic: John Green
The Teen Whisperer (John Green 2014 New Yorker profile)
Why John Green Likes Writing for Teenagers (2019 NYT interview)
John Green and his Manic Pixie Dream Girls – LA Review of Books
Mori-kei – Japanese Fashion Wiki

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