The Corporate Escapee: Helping GenX find their What's Next!

Welcome to Hardwired for Growth 2.0, the ultimate podcast guiding GenX business owners to 10x their revenue and lives. 

Host Brett Trainor dives into the revolutionary trend reshaping business and GenX's pivotal role in the solo business model surge. Uncover startling stats: GenX comprises 47.2% of US business owners, with 85% running solo businesses. 

Discover why GenX leads this movement through experience, tech prowess, independence, meaningful work, and financial stability. Join us as we decode this transformative shift, spotlighted by innovative leaders and a rising solo business landscape. 

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What is The Corporate Escapee: Helping GenX find their What's Next!?

Welcome to The Corporate Escapee hosted by Brett Trainor, a podcast dedicated tor GenX professionals and management consultants yearning to break free from the 9-5 grind. Our goal is to guide 10,000 GenXers on their journey to exit corporate life, achieve work/life balance, and command their futures, all while maintaining their financial stability. This show is your roadmap for transitioning from corporate confines to flourishing in solo or expertise-based ventures, utilizing decades of experience.

Embark on your corporate escape and redefine your professional journey. We focus on building and optimizing the solo business/solopreneur career path.

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