The Awesome Gnome Letter

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It’s important to realize what we take for granted.

Show Notes

I was on a road-trip with my nephew who was watching something that was downloaded to his tablet. When we stopped at a gas station, his video kept going. I told him about how when I was a kid, I had to find my place in the DVD when the car stopped.

I said this to him, while I was watching a YouTube video on my phone using wireless headphones.

There are things we take for granted, not realizing what we have now. These can be technological advances or economical advantages. It's important to look at life to see what we take for granted.

This week, what do you take for granted? Maybe we can better appreciate what technological advances and/or economic advantages we have. This can help us appreciate what we have and realize what is possible for the future.

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What is The Awesome Gnome Letter?

Each letter delivers an inspirational message on something that was meaningful to me this week.