A CFO's Diary - Pathways to Growth

Working your way up in the industry is often seen as a straightforward path to success. But what happens when you reach the pinnacle of the corporate ladder? Sometimes, when you're climbing up, your definition of success changes. That’s what led Joe Wilson to become the owner of Sonitrol Western Canada.

Starting with side hustles, and climbing the corporate ladder, Joe's journey led him to become president of his workplace at the early age of 32. However, his restlessness in unstable and monopolized industries pushed him to continue challenging himself and pursuing other avenues, transforming his obstacles into stepping stones.

In this episode of A CFO’s Diary - Pathways to Growth, Joe shares the importance of embracing change, pushing boundaries, and charting our own course toward success.


1 - Joe’s early business hustles and first jobs.
2 - How climbing the ladder in the alcohol industry led Joe to the security sector.  
3 - The importance of analyzing your surroundings, adapting to changing circumstances, and remaining proactive in the pursuit of new ventures
4 - Understanding your value and pursuing growth opportunities, even through lateral moves or exploring new markets.
5 - Joe’s journey from Sonitrol client to employee, to president.
6 - Demonstrating commitment to your customers. How Joe uses transparency, fairness, and value to grow business
7 - How Joe created his own definition and formula for success.
8 - Joe’s advice for those getting started in business.


What is A CFO's Diary - Pathways to Growth?

In each episode, we take people through what we call a ‘discovery call’ during which we learn about their business, its opportunities, potential areas of development, and strategies to move forward, including those they may have missed. Using this discovery call format in each episode, I speak with folks I’ve met over the years whom I’ve learned from, to revisit these journeys. We won’t hold anything back and will reveal crucial strategies, insights, and potholes to avoid—all vital for the success of any business, regardless of its size.