How You Spend Your Days

A chat with Qoins' CEO, Christian Zimmerman. Qoins is a mobile app that helps people get out of debt faster. We go behind-the-scenes with why Christian wanted to build Qoins and how it has helped people pay off over $10 million in debt.

Show Notes

This week I talk to Christian Zimmerman, CEO and co-founder of Qoins. We get to talk about the motivations behind Qoins, how it helps its users to pay off debt, and the importance of personal finance during the coronavirus pandemic.

Here are some of the links and apps that we mentioned during the show:
  • Qoins - Pay off debt faster and save money without even thinking about it
  • Follow along with Qoins' Tuesday Tips on the Qoins Instagram
  • Plaid is a great tool for software developers building apps on top of financial institutions
  • Catch - My go-to for automatically saving withholding taxes
Thanks, Christian! 

What is How You Spend Your Days?

Candid conversations about debt, the stigma around money and follow Colin's journey toward debt freedom. Hosted by Colin Loretz.