New Money

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In this episode we don't cover a product, but a topic about personal finance that could use a refresh and a new perspective: Retirement. We ask basic questions like "what is it for?" and even daring questions like "What are the risks?" "What happens if I live until 150, how does that change my planning?"

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What is New Money?

New Money discusses investing opportunities for the rest of us. Each episode explores a new financial product or opportunity that everyday people can invest in. We break down the pros, cons, and trends that we see emerging in this new world of Fintech.

We're in the midst of a financial revolution; with an explosion of unique new financial instruments that everyone is gaining the ability to invest in (even if it's $50 or $100 a month) thanks to new apps and new technology.

This podcast sits at that cross-section, covering and discussing the new tech and trends that make investing possible for the young, old and everyone in between.