The Women Waken Podcast

Valerie Tate wants you to know that you have super powers and she can help you to start using them. Everybody has intuitive super powers and on this episode Valerie shares her expertise around what they are, how you can work your Intuitive Navigation System, and the benefits of honing these powers!

Show Notes

Valerie Tate is a Master of intuition. She is also an intuitive Psychotherapist, Leader, and Creator. Early in life, her personal near death experiences allowed her to understand her spiritual gifts and inspired her to specialize in working with clients experiencing transitions or traumatic events. In her work, Valerie supports her clients in listening to their inner voice and tapping into their Intuitive Navigation System. On this episode, Valerie shares about what exactly this navigation system is including a break down of the various Clairs (intuitive senses), ways we can begin to use them, and how to connect with this internal guidance system. She also shares how we can break through blocks in our intuition, the benefits of collaborating with intuition and how it can turn life into a true treasure hunt! Valerie is such an intuition pro that she even developed a course on how to start connecting with you different intuitive senses and a quiz to determine which one is your superpower!
You can learn more about Valerie, her work, and her course here! Intuitive Superpowers Online Course: De-Mystify & Activate Your Intuitive Life -, Intuitive Superpower Quiz:, Valerie Tate Website:

What is The Women Waken Podcast?

The Women Waken podcast is a creation of Whitney Walker, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who specializes in substance abuse, addiction, eating disorders and trauma. She is also a tarot reader, crystal enthusiast, and appreciator of all things esoteric. The Women Waken podcast is an outlet and a platform for women and men alike to share about their unique gifts and work in the area of healing and spirituality. To share their stories of how they’ve come to use their gifts in a professional capacity to assist in the transformation of the planet and the emergence of the Divine Feminine to restore harmony, balance, and truth. On the podcast Whitney interviews guests as a way to allow the audience to learn about the various forms of healing and personal attunement that are possible through less common healing practices including energy work, clairvoyance, spiritual guidance and manifestation powers. The podcast also features guests who may not be quite as alternative in their line of work yet are still amazing contributors to creating greater levels of peace and feeling for the human beings they work with.