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Dave Furneaux has been dj'ing for over 20 years and as soon as you hear this mix you'll know why. Dave's mixing & track selection has always been extremely precise and beautifully consistent throughout his Dj'ing career.

On this mix you'll feel his assured guided control through moody rhythms and spaced out grooves leading you safely along. As tracks build and break you get the sense that he's just teasing you, toying with you to listen to more and be lead further into the soundscape he's creating. Look out for more from Dave Furneaux, no one sees him coming.

Show Notes

  1. Jeremy Olander – 1024 (Original Mix) Become One
  2. Savvas - Words of Silence (Extended Mix) Ajunadeep
  3. Fabio Aurea - Yini (ft Toshi) (Serge Devant Remix) CRMMA
  4. Jeremy Olander - Hanover (Original Mix) Suara
  5. Dan Sieg - something’s not clicking right - Quivver remix
  6. Space food - Primal Source (Extended Mix) Bodhi Collective
  7. Namito - Stone Flower (Original Mix) Sol Selectas
  8. Dan Barrow – Routine (Original Mix) Claps Records
  9. Dan Barrow – Tokyo (Original Mix) Tenampa Recordings
  10. Namito - Culture Shock (Bebetta Remix) Ubersee Music
  11. Oliver Giacomotto - Peritia (Original Mix) Definitive Recordings
  12. Oliver Giacomotto – Eake (Original Mix) Senso Sounds
  13. Dmitry Molosh - Bloom – (Th;en Remix) Afterglow Records

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Progressive House UK is a Progcast station and Progressive House mix show for like minded people. We create & share unique content, discuss the music, UK events, DJ stories and general memorabilia from the scene. Join us on on spoken Progcast for News, Throwbacks and progressive observations of the scene today. Tune into our residents Mix show and enjoy unique mixes from guest DJ's You can also find us on Instagram.

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