Dev Quest

Mike Wetter and Solomon Gifford from Blackmesh chat with Dustin about how they stopped worrying and learned to LOVE multi-application deployments.

Show Notes

Mike and Solomon love talking with developers who have unique and complicated applications; feel free to reach out to them on LinkedIn or the Blackmesh contact form. Some things to listen for in our conversation...

  • Changes in what it means to “do Drupal” and be a CMS-focused developer.
  • How to send 7.5 million faxes and half a billion emails to Congress each year.
  • Running websites across public and private clouds.
  • Facing the realities of distributed stacks.
  • Discussing whether serverless will "leap frog" containers.
  • When to use decoupled architectures.
  • The challenges of staying ahead of tech trends.
  • Defining a "high performance NAS solution".
  • How AWS and other public clouds are driving infrastructure and application framework choices.
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What is Dev Quest?

Dev Quest is a podcast about the career journey of the modern web developer. Web development is one of the most accessible and fruitful career paths of our era, marrying a great deal of autonomy and interesting work with a strong sense of community and openness. On Dev Quest, we'll talk to devs working at all levels of the industry, from agency-employed and freelance folks building websites for small businesses to start up founders who are helping run multi-million dollar SaaS companies and everyone in between, all through the lens of trying to help you grow to the next stage in your own journey into this amazing field.