$2 Creature Feature

Deep underground, all over town, things are coming unbound. Just six episodes left 'til the finale.

[CW: imprisonment, loss of bodily autonomy, technically self harm due to said loss of bodily autonomy] 

$2 Creature Feature is an actual play podcast in association with the QueueTimes TTRPG network. We play Monster of the Week, a system created by Michael Sands and published by Evil Hat Productions. 

Our cast is Ray Adams (@mr_ray_rpg) as the Keeper, Laura McMillan (@generalmcmill) as Tammy Jo, Meghan Murphy (@kawaiinot) as Zelda, and Nye Elder (@Eric (Nye)) as Eric. Our Producer is Sam Richardson (@Laggardson). 

Editing by Sam Richardson, Ray Adams, and Ian Mauldin. Our intro music is by Ian Mauldin and our outro music is by Jason Myers. 

All our links can be found at https://2dollarcreature.carrd.co/
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What is $2 Creature Feature?

$2 Creature Feature is an actual-play Monster of the Week podcast with Queue Times, bringing you the eerie adventures of the performers and employees of Severus Svarti’s Traveling Fun Fair. Together this found family tackles threats both supernatural and mundane as they find their place in the world and fight the monsters.