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Listen, life can be long, and happiness isn’t a constant state of being, so you’ve gotta do what you can to spark joy. In that spirit, we’re talking about the little things that we relish on a day-to-day basis. Whether it’s using water to “blast away the depression,” indulging in perhaps slightly obsessive kitchen organization, “Go Bills”-ing our way around the world, or savoring the 8:05, we’ve all got those small pleasures that remind us why we get out of bed in the morning (also so that we can change the sheets). Plus, Ann is literally on the move. Meredith had a terrible horrible no good very bad week. Bobby found the ultimate JOYROI, and all you need is some Chop Sabers, a tank of helium, and some put-upon Party City employees.

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Yes, here are the lightsaber chopsticks

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