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‘In the Mix’ residents show – Danny Jarvis 60 Mins

The idea for the mix part of the show is super simple – to provide a soundtrack of new and archived tracks for you to enjoy during the week anytime you like.

For this set I’ve started off deep and melodic to create a hypnotic groove that builds gently. There’s subtle key changes and a gorgeous Acapella that I really thought worked with a couple of tracks - very much in tune with my ongoing awareness raising of mental health and a more gentle, more loving outlook in life - listen for the Key change accompaniment as female voice speaks to you.

There’s tracks from early in the year here too, some of my favourites that still really do it for me such as ‘Smiles’ by Analog Jungs & later in the mix Cid inc & Darin Epsilon’s ‘Outliers’ the Peter Dundov mix. That spellbinding groove slotting under Sebastien Busto’s out going Budapest track – another belter from back in Feb this year.

There’s brand new tracks from Subandrio and my late summer favourite ‘Genuine’ by my newer favourite artists - Michael A.

I hope you enjoy the 60 min quick fix mix – Progressive House UK ‘in the mix’

Show Notes

Mix Tracklist

1.     Peabird - Pro Intro Tool (In Space Mix) Protective Tools
2.    Nhar - Crystal Chamber (Original Mix) URSL 
3.    Tim Engelhardt - When The Sun (Illuminated Her Eyes (Original Mix) Watergate Records
4.    Steve Synfull - The Source (Acappella) MTracks
5.    Analog Jungs – Smiles (Original Mix) Hope Recordings 
6.    Michael A - Geniune (Original Mix) Incepto Music 
7.     RPO & GMJ – Primacy (Original Mix) Parquet Recordings
8.    Sebastien Busto – Budapest (Original Mix) Movement Recordings
9.    Cid Inc & Darin Epsilon – Outliers (Petar Dundov Remix) Perspectives Digital
10.  Domased Electronica - Lost in Kharan (Subandrio Remix) Mistique Music
11.  Dmitry Molosh -Bloom (Th;en Remix) Afterglow
12.  Anton ishutin & Shyam P – Different Life (Dmitry Molosh Remix) Pepper Cat

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