AV Club 69

It's one small step for Rob and one giant leap for logic!  

Join us this time as we boldly go where no one has gone before... into the minds of the creators of this E.xtremely T.errible rip off!

What is AV Club 69?

Well, hello there, ladies and gents, boys and girls! Are you ready for a rollicking ride through the silver screen? Do you have an itch for cinematic predictions that'll leave you on the edge of your seats? Well, look no further than the one and only… Av Club 69!

Join us each week as we take turns in guessing what's next in the plot of some truly incredible movies. Using nothing but our wits and a stack of carefully crafted cards as our tool, we trek down the dangerous path of plot holes, search for missing character development and teeter across the treacherous trope rope to reveal the reel ending!

Av Club 69 is not responsible for any popcorn-related accidents caused by sudden plot twists. Listen responsibly!