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As a follow-up to episode 6, "Finish" by Jon Acuff, in this episode Em and Melissa discuss how they’ve personally started taking the action items from "Finish" and put them into practice in their own daily lives. They also revisit episode 4, "Atomic Habits," to learn if one listener benefitted from James Clear’s advice — and check in on Em's progress with a problem she identified in her own life after reading "Atomic Habits."

Show Notes

Click here to buy the book, check out our takeaways from reading "Finish," and read the full show notes!

What is Book Smart?

In each episode of Book Smart, co-hosts and personal development junkies Melissa and Em share what they learn and love from one of their favorite self-help books. Whether discussing the latest best-seller or a blast from the past -- on topics like happiness, success, habits, relationships, growth, and change -- Book Smart is here to help you read your way to a better you.