Jason Powell, turkey call designer and world finalist in friction call contest, shares how he got into the skillful craft of designing three top custom-made Legendary Gear pot calls. He gives tremendous insight into the design and importance of pot calls for turkey hunting success.

Show Notes

0:01 - George Lynch introduces himself as host of this show and Legendary Gear, the game call company that is Legend By Design for realistic sounds and ease of use.
0:37 - George introduces our turkey hunting podcast with guest and Legendary Gear designer Jason Powell
2:49 - Why and when did Jason Powell begin his craft of designing turkey pot calls
6:56 - Having an ear for pot call designing and an ear for hunting - getting the right pitch and tone to attract turkey based on realism
8:26 - Matt VanCise reference - key to calling contest success - mimic real bird language, tone and sound interaction
10:22 - Explaining the differences between a true ‘custom-designed’ call like Legendary Gear’s pot call line versus numerous manufactured calls on the market that often use the same design structure with various cosmetic differences that may not optimize true sounds.  Legendary Gear’s pot call designs are a one-of-a-kind, unique, custom designs that were planned, created and built for realistic sounds and ease of use.  These calls are not copies or duplicates of other calls in the market.
13:20 - The Jason Powell Signature Pot Call and Jason’s story behind building this call:  his personal life story is reflected in the pot call elements and combined together yield one of the best sounding calls on the market.
17:00 - George and Jason talk about Legendary Gear’s Jason Powell’s signature pot call that was purposely designed to get great sound with a limited amount of effort, for both the advanced caller as well as the beginner call.  
21:04 - The White Oak Ceramic pot call description, uses and the difference in sound versus slate and glass.   Ceramic is more user friendly than glass but is lower frequency than glass.   
25:34 - Double Sided Walnut with glass on top surface and gray slate on bottom surface - Jason shares his strategy and reasoning for designing the Legendary Gear double sided call to give hunters the best chances of getting everything out of a double-sided pot call that a hunter would need for realism at a distance as well as up close finessing. 
29:43 - Tip of using a double sided call to change the tone to pull stubborn gobblers in closer by using both turkey sounds provided on a double sided call. 
31:09 - George Lynch and Jason Powell discuss the ease of use of a pot call for hunters just getting into turkey hunting. Given the various turkey call options, a pot call can produce turkey sounds for beginner users immediately and with less time and training than learning how to call using a diaphragm call (mouth call) or box call.
33:50 - Jason elaborates on the meaning, design and benefits of Legendary Gear’s tight sounding pot calls
37:28 - The importance of selecting a high quality striker 
40:15 - Conditioning and maintenance of pot calls and striker
45:10 - Importance of making game calls consistent from one product to another
45:49 - George Lynch explains his game plan for another podcast in the near future with Jason Powell to hear some great pot calling sounds and strategies based on various scenarios requiring different sounds which will include:  fly down cackle, purrs, soft tree yelps, and more … just to name a few.
50:46 - Thank you, listeners!  
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