For 15 years, audio tech company Devialet has been producing amazing speakers, amplifiers and more in France. Now starts a new phase for the company, as outlined by CEO Franck Lebouchard.

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We sat down with Franck Lebouchard, chief executive of French acoustical engineering company Devialet for almost five years now, to talk about the firm's challenges and opportunities in a world very much in turmoil.

Founded in 2007, Devialet designs and builds high-end audio tech products such as amplifiers, speakers, wireless earbuds, and a soundbar, and also licenses some of its patented technology to other companies.

The company's on a mission to "elevate sound in people's lives" and its future product roadmap will address new audio categories in that regard, Lebouchard tells us, even if it's up against some really big companies in that space, and pandemics, wars, and geopolitical issues continue to disrupt supply chains around the world.

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