Speaking of the Arts

As we close in on the end of 2022, Diana Moxon invites three arts pals to the Speaking of the Arts studio to look back on their favorite moments of the year. Columbia Daily Tribune arts writer Aarik Danielsen remembers some of the music, poetry and sentences that moved him this year. From Ragtag Film Society, Stacie Pottinger, drops in to talk about the year's movie highlights and how meeting a film-maker can really change her opinion about a film. And the woman who sees more theatre productions than anyone else in mid Missouri, Monica Palmer, ponders which of the many plays she saw this year she would love to see again and what plays she would have loved to be in. Opening and closing music credits with thanks to guitarist Yasmin Williams (www.yasminwilliamsmusic.com)

What is Speaking of the Arts?

Speaking of the Arts is mid-Missouri's only weekly arts show. The show is hosted by Diana Moxon, who chats with actors, directors, authors, musicians, festival directors, event organizers, arts curators, and artists about the events they are involved in and also about their own works and their influences. Whilst the show focuses mainly on the mid-Missouri arts scene, Diana's guests have included international composers, conductors, authors as well as artists, musicians, and performers from around Missouri.