Weird Brunch

Ali Ayad, Madbird fraud, Cassie Chadwick, female swindlers, bad vibe science,

Show Notes

This episode brought to you by brown teeth. 

Hayly befriends the original 1800s rich-people-swindler, Cassie Chadwick.

Whitney defines job catfishing: what Ali Ayad did when he founded the 2020 fake digital design agency MadBird, and robbed hundreds of people of their services for 6 months. 

Lisa gives us the science behind bad vibes, and the now-proven reason behind getting the willies. 

What is Weird Brunch?

Whitney LeMond, Lisa Friedrich, and Carina Magyar get together, get tipsy, and tell each other the craziest stories they can find.

Artwork by Grace Svoboda. Theme music by Arielle LaGuette.