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AJ Jakubec gave us his opinion on what the Senators will do, what 67s player will go higher and coming out on the right end of a giant health scare.

Show Notes

This is Sports and More where almost anything goes, we mostly stay away from politics and always steer clear of religion (sports gods don’t count) but from sports to pop culture and in between it’s all fair game!

AJ Jakubec is the voice of the Redblacks, 67's and Atletico in Ottawa and will be paying close attention to the draft where the Senators have picks three and five. Who they take at 3 depends on doesn't go ahead of them (Byfield or Stutzle) but at five they will have some choices and AJ thinks they'll be looking at a blueliner. We also discussed his very serious health scare and battle last winter, which he is thankfully on the mend from thanks to support from family, friends and frontline health care workers. We also chatted about the upcoming OHL season, if there is one and what the CFL will do moving forward. We ended with some name association about players and coaches he's been around and debated about long bus trips in the WHL vs OHL vs QMJHL.

The Top 3 Topic presented by Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports is about your favourite draft eligible players for the 2020 draft while the UFFS poll question is who would be the scariest when it comes to horror monsters if they were real and in Perfect Player it's 2020 draft eligible forwards.

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What is Sports & More?

We're heavy on sports chatter but will definitely be branching out into movies, music, pop culture and almost anything else. There will be close to zero talk on religion or politics, but pretty much anything goes.