Egbon and Mazi (Nigerian Pidgin News)

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Egbon: Mazi 1, how business now, hope money dey enter as e suppose enter

Mazi: Hmmm, my brother, we thank Baba God o, money dey enter, but business cold small

What is Egbon and Mazi (Nigerian Pidgin News)?

Pidgin News, Egbon Jimoh and Mazi Okoroafor weekly episodes fun breakdown of News and happen around Nigeria.
With the world health crisis going on, reading the news can get inundating or even sad; that is why at we have come up with a way for you to read the news without the intensity that comes with it. We’ve called it Pidgin News.
Our Pidgin news is not the typical reporting of the news in pidgin English; it’s two middle-aged Nigerian men discussing the news with the little knowledge they have of the world. It promises humour and also knowledge of everything you need to know a