The Possibility Project

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Host Sarah Knight discusses the role of connection and compassion in planning how we live and build, with Prof. Leela Viswanathan of the Department of Geography and Planning at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. Leela shares her thoughts as to how many of our urban environments promote disconnection as well as environmental degradation. Her insights into how we can better work together to meet both the pressures of our changing climate, and those of our lonely hearts, can be applied not only to urban planning, but to all aspects of life.

What is The Possibility Project?

Has the Climate Crisis got you feeling overwhelmed, devastated, despairing, angry, or even apathetic?

The Possibility Project Podcast is my own effort to move through these feelings, and to create positive action in my life, as I seek to find light and hope in our current calamity. It is my aim that as you listen to these interviews, you too will find ways to feel empowered to contribute in a positive way to righting the wrongs of our past. What if we can turn this crisis into a pathway towards the possibilities of a better way of life, for us, our children, and the whole world?

In this show Sarah Knight, Ocean Scientist, Science Communicator and Energy Healer, talks to scientists, healers, artists, thinkers, and activists, and others, as she seeks out the highest possibilities for this planet and its inhabitants in these changing times.