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Heidi talks with David Spray about the importance of finding a niche, his work/life balance, what an IC-DISC is, and how it can potentially save your company tons of money a year in taxes.

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Heidi Henderson
I am a Tax Consultant and Real Estate Investor, and podcast host of Healthy, Wealthy & Wise. I advise clients on the application of Tax Efficiencies relating to their investments both directly and indirectly. My education is in Accounting but my entrepreneurial spirit has led me through many business ventures. But I love finding money for people who didn't know it was there! Cost Segregation, 179D deduction, 45L credits, R&D tax credits, Historical Tax Credits, Conservation Easements, Opportunity Zones, Alternative Investments, and Captive Insurance are a few tools we can help you with. As the Executive Vice President and Board Member of Engineered Tax Services I help plan for growth and operational improvements internally, while working externally with investment minded individuals to optimize their investment. I also teach over 30+ Continuing Education courses annually to CPA's, Design Build Professionals and Real Estate Professionals across the U.S. If synergies are apparent, please send me a connection request and let's see how we can work together.
David Spray
A serial entrepreneur by nature and a former CPA and business owner, all of the stars aligned when I entered the tax consulting industry— the previous elements of my diverse background fell into place. By starting Export Advisors, I combine my love for working with other entrepreneurs with my specialization in the IC-DISC incentive program, enabling export business owners to maximize their tax savings. As President of Export Advisors, I look to add measurable value to privately-held, exporting entrepreneurs while providing them with a simplified way to access their maximum tax savings with the IC-DISC. By focusing exclusively on the IC-DISC incentive program, Export Advisors has established programs, processes, and procedures that have collectively saved over $300M for several hundred businesses. Outside of helping export leaders maximize savings, I host Podcasting Stories, talking with business owners about just that, their podcasting stories. From podcasting, I realized the burden that business leaders face trying to produce podcasts, which naturally led me to co-found— a full concierge service for business owners to set up, produce, and distribute their podcast, leaving them to share their message. Export Advisors is a Houston, Texas-based consulting firm that partners with privately-held exporters to help them increase their after-tax income by utilizing the IC-DISC program. IC-DISC, or Interest Charge Domestic International Sales Corporation, is an incentive program for exporters, part of the Internal Revenue Code since 1971. If you’re a privately held exporter, reach out to me at to learn if you qualify for the IC-DISC program and how Export Advisors can become Your IC-Disc Partner™.A s

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