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We celebrate Saint Rita of Cascia, Alex talks about the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II took place on Wednesday, 13 May 1981 and What's Trending con Moka Laguna. We have an interview with Sonia Quuintero (45:50)

Padre Pio Letter:
"Our justification from unrighteousness is so monumental that we can easily say God demonstrated more of his power in justifying us than in creating the heavens and the earth out of nothing. There is a bigger contrast between a sinner and grace than there is between nothingness and being. There is more distance between a sinner and God than there is between nothingness and God. In fact, nothingness, being the deprivation of being, has no power to resist God’s will, whereas a sinner, a being with a free will, can resist all of God’s wishes. In addition, creation belongs to the natural order of things, whereas the justification of the ungodly belongs to the supernatural and divine order."

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