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In this episode we are talking about; How Covid-19 is hitting an already over-supplied LNG market, whether we will see more cancellations of US LNG cargoes, what this uncertainty means for US LNG Final Investment Decisions and how Qatar Petroluem is securing more European regas capacity.

Show Notes

Intro 00:00
Prices 01:00
Market Oversupply 1:30
Impact of COVID-19 on Chinese gas demand 3:00
Impact of COVID-19 on other LNG market 07:10
US LNG Cargos Cancelled 09:17
Is this due to lower Spanish LNG demand or lower spot prices? 12:35
Spanish introduction of virtual LNG pooling mechanisms 14.42
New progress to Final Investment Decision at US LNG Projects 16.22
Wider Global LNG Final Investment Decision progress 23:20
Qatar Marketing Progress 25:20
Qatar Securing European Regas Capacity 25:50

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