What A Lot Of Things

Ian and Ash talk about how to get into machine learning and discuss the principles for building teams within your organisation outlined in the book and training course on Team Topologies.

Show Notes

  1. Scottish Voice Recognition Elevator
  2. Ian’s Machine Learning/Data Science links
  3. Deep Learning Specialization | Coursera
  4. Applied Data Science with Python | Coursera
  5. Kaggle: Your Home for Data Science
  6. Titanic: Machine Learning from Disaster
  7. Team Topologies
  8. Conway’s Law
  9. DevOps Topologies

Creators & Guests

Ash Winter
Tester but not a quality engineer. Talks about testability.
Ian Smith
Happiest when making stuff or making people laugh. Tech, and Design Thinking. Since 2019, freelancer and FRSA.

What is What A Lot Of Things?

Ash and Ian talk about interesting Things from the tech industry that are on their minds.