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Pawel Krupa | Sr. Controls Engineer @ Tesla
Experienced robot programmer working in the automotive industry is looking for new opportunities to develop his passion. Robot programming is a field that I feel like a duck in water. In my four-year career, I worked with VW and Opel standards on FANUC and KUKA. I did integrations, new lines, cycle-time optimization, production support, and quality adjustments. Known applications: spot welding, handling, clinching, riveting, arc welding, gluing, stud welding, roller hemming, laser brazing, laser welding. If you think that hiring me could increase the effectiveness of your company, you are most likely right. For some, Robot programming is just a regular job ...... To me is an art form that I want to create with passion.

Pawel Krupa kicks off Manufacturing Hub's Robotics Month to share his experiences over the last 7+ years working in robotics integration.

šŸ”µ What are the differences between Fanuc and Kuka?
šŸ”µ Can we easily decrease cycle time of a robotic cell?
šŸ”µ What are critical skills missing from the robotic programmer's tool kit?

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