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Apple's move to Arm processors will change software development for everyone... or will it?
Apple has moved towards an Arm processor. They don't call it Arm, they call it Apple Silicon, or M1 but underneath that, the architecture of the CPU is Arm 64 bit compatible. Streamed live on YouTube Jan 7, 2021, Ep 106.

Show Notes

  • "Windows RT" isn't a thing anymore, and the Windows 10 on Arm (WoA) is getting better, with x64 emulation (MS version of Rosetta 2) in pre-beta
  • AArch64 or ARM64 is the 64-bit extension of the ARM architecture
  • Microsoft is indeed designing its own Arm chips for future Surface and servers
  • Windows 10 Arm works in Parallels M1 beta on macOS
  • AWS Arm instances are now on Gen 2, as of May 2020, with up to 40% better performance-per-dollar than old Gen 1 Arm, AMD, and Intel

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