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Mexico City-based Sony A&R Research Manager Francisco Toscano explains how global music streaming platforms like Deezer, YouTube, Pandora, and Spotify are driving the growth of Mexican music genres — from Mariachi to Corrido — and regional Latin music worldwide.

Show Notes

On this episode, we talk to A&R professional and expert in the Latin American music scene, Francisco Toscano, who just released both an English and Spanish version of an article on the Chartmetric blog entitled The Rise of Regional Latin Music, Part 1: Mexican Music Genres or El Ascenso Mundial de la Música Latinoamericana, Parte 1: Música Regional Mexicana. It is a white paper on five of the most popular Mexican genres being streamed today on all of your favorite DSPs.

Read The Rise of Regional Latin Music, Part 1: Mexican Music Genres here:

Ver la versión en español aquí:

Francisco is an A&R Researcher for a major label, based in and from the great city of Ciudad de México, and has a background in financial services. He holds an MBA from ESADE, located in Barcelona, Spain, and a Master’s in Music Business from New York University. You can connect with him on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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