Adventures in Lollygagging

The party discovers a large, underground lake. This is an actual-play of SYMBAROUM, a tabletop roleplaying game from FREE LEAGUE PUBLISHING. Find us online at #symbaroum #ActualPlay #ttrpg #freeleague

- Cast -
Madjac Maekar. Human Monster Hunter. Played by Aaron.
Jinzo Shadow-Slayer. Ambrian Duelist. Played by Long.
Attolia. Changeling Witch. Played by Kipser.
Gwyddeon. Barbarian Warrior. Played by Jeremy.
Ruena. Ambrian Scholar. Played by Melissa.
Gamemaster. Played by Jeff.

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- Art & Music Credits -
Musical theme "Last Mission" by Ferenc Hegedus -
Background Ambience from Tabletop Audio -

What is Adventures in Lollygagging?

Adventures in Lollygagging is a group of silly folks who create, record, and live-stream content for several tabletop roleplaying games. We focus on character-driven stories, bad decisions, and a fair bit of absurdity.