Tennis Rockers

What are the limits of the coach/student relationship and when do they appear? It's never really when you want and we aren't prepared enough to respond. In this episode, we start to take a look at the coach/student relationship.

Show Notes

When was the last time you thought about the relationship with your coach or student?  When was the last time you thought it through to make it better for the both of you?

Maybe you don't want to - things are good.  If you're the coach, hey, they come to lessons, seem happy or somewhat engaged and I get paid - done.  If you're the student, they teach me, it's not always easy, but I learn something and sometimes it's really fun.

Kept that way, it works - but on what basis?

The relationship works at its most basic level, but ultimately, is that what either the coach or student want for their entire time together?  And what happens when that relationship breaks down because we don't periodically revisit this relationship?  What happens when we don't communicate?

A coach/student relationship can deteriorate and at some points be destructive and the relationship with teenagers can be one of the toughest relationship challenges.  

So what should we consider around these challengers?  We should start with our communication and in this episode we acknowledge and seek answers for coaches, students, and parents to a common situation - a lack of proactive communication.

Thanks for joining us on our journey!

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