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This week we talk with Paulie Steinman, the head coach of USA Powerlifting's Classic Masters Team and owner of the beloved Brooklyn gym South Brooklyn Weightlifting Club. We get a master class in dealing with failure and adversity and then Paulie gives some tough love to a listener dealing with impending baldness.

Show Notes

This week we talk with Paulie Steinman, the head coach of USA Powerlifting's Classic Masters Team and owner of the beloved Brooklyn gym South Brooklyn Weightlifting Club. We talk about what makes his gym distinct from other gyms, his tough love brand of coaching and get into his varied career -  working as a grip in the film industry, owning a t-shirt making business and finally starting his gym. We also got to learn about his experience growing up as mixed race kid in the 80’s and learning to fight when he got bullied. Finally, we find out about Paulie essentially becoming homeless in the process of opening his gym, which gets deep into how he handles adversity. Below is this week's advice question, in which a listener needs some advice on how to handle their impending baldness. 

Hey Man, 
My problem is very straightforward: I’m 21 and my hair is thinning. My hairline is receding, but it’s not quite obvious yet. I have an older brother who is 25 and he’s basically bald, as are my uncles, except for one who I think has hair plugs. I’ve sort of known this was coming since I was a teenager, but I still don’t feel prepared. I don’t want to be bald! I definitely don’t want to be bald in my 20’s. Is anyone going to want to date me?

My grandmother, who is very anti-baldness even though it’s probably her genes that are causing this, has offered to pay for hair plugs. I don’t know what to do? I don’t like the idea of having cosmetic surgery and I’d like to be the kind of person who is just okay with his body, but I am not. I realize this is not your decision to make, but what should I do?

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About Paulie:
Paulie Steinman has taken a long and meandering path to get to where he is now. He was born in London, England in 1970. He grew up in Potomac, Maryland and Long Island, NY and he currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. Paulie graduated from New York University with a BFA in Film. He worked in the NY film industry as a Grip for about 15 years. He then helped create and manage a screen printing and embroidery factory in Red Hook, Brooklyn for about 10 years. In 2010 he started the South Brooklyn Weightlifting Club (SBWC) and he currently runs it with his wife, Rebecca. SBWC is a unique gym that focuses on barbell sports, wellness, and the mental components of strength training. Paulie is heavily involved in USA Powerlifting as a member of the Executive Committee, National Team coach, and an instructor for the USA Powerlifting coaching courses. Paulie coaches and teaches all over the world and he works with lifters of all levels from novice to world champions. Over the span of his life, Paulie has literally lost everything and then rebuilt it all back up. Clearly, he has not be afraid to take risks. These experiences have helped shape his philosophy and outlook on life. Part of this story can be seen in the 2016 documentary Weight.

South Brooklyn Weightlifting Club
USA Powerlifting

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