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Ever thought about how business details from your company's chats and calls can help your business grow? Want to improve customer support and teamwork? ๐Ÿค”

Check out the latest episode of Tech Deep Dive with Max Clark from as he chats with Dan Pecher, Channel Solution Consultant at Dialpad. Together, they discuss business outcomes and business drivers related to phone systems and contact centers ๐ŸŽ™๏ธโœจ
Find out how Dialpad can help your business get useful information from company chats and calls, whether inside or outside your business. And more importantly, how to use that info to do better in your business.

Time Stamp: 
00:10 - Overview of the Episode
00:57 - Introducing Dan Pecher & Dialpad for CCaaS & UCaaS
06:33 - Implications of Losing a Business Phone 
18:00 - Exploring the Benefits of UCaaS
19:37 - UCaaS vs. CCaaS: Understanding the Differences
22:11 - Dial Pad's Role in Enhancing Sales Team Performance
24:35 - Key Advantages of CCaaS
27:12 - Diving into Marketing Intelligence
30:31 - The Customer Journey through Dialpad
32:15 - AI in Customer Service: Self-Service vs. Real-Time Assistance
38:15 - Dialpad's Integration Capabilities with Other Platforms
42:27 - Insights on Call Habits
45:35 - The Beginning of Customer Experience
53:42 - How Dialpad Bolsters Agent Support & Analytics Capture

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