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Patrick talks us through his discovery of the importance of, why it is that our brain size and IQs are decreasing and the importance vitamin b12 and DHA omega 3 for Alzheimer’s prevention and DHA omega 3 for pregnant women. How to support our immune system using nutrition and supplements and how vitamin c works to fight all viruses.

Show Notes

Patrick Holford, is a leading spokesman on nutrition and mental health and founder of both the Food for the Brain Foundation and the Institute for Optimum Nutrition. Originally trained in psychology, Patrick was involved in ground-breaking research showing that use of multivitamins can increase children’s IQ scores. He was one of the first promoters of the importance of zinc, essential fats, low-GL diets, and homocysteine-lowering B vitamins and their importance in mental health and Alzheimer’s prevention. He is the author of 45 books translated into over 30 languages, his most recent books being The Hybrid Diet, The Flu Fighters and The 5 Day Diet.
On this very informative episode Patrick talks us through his discovery of the importance of nutrition for the brain, his latest research on ketones and autophagy for detoxification and weight loss, and why it is that our brain and IQs are decreasing and the importance vitamin b12 and DHA omega 3 for Alzheimer’s prevention and DHA omega 3 for pregnant women. 
As the founder of the https://www.vitaminc4covid.com he explains how vitamin c works in fighting all viruses and how using high doses of vitamin c could prevent covid deaths. He talks through his protocol for the covid 19 virus and explains how your immune system reacts to covid at every stage of the virus and what you can do to help yourself.  
Find Patrick on https://www.patrickholford.com -
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