In the Nitty Gritty- Dedicated to women entrepreneurs juggling business, life, kids and everything else nitty gritty.

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When I ask business owners what they struggle with most when marketing their business, I was surprised to learn that having enough time was their answer.


We all get the same amount.

No one gets extra minutes for good behavior.

But why does it look that way?

Outside help?
Faster at typing when coming up with copy?


They focus on what’s working and do that consistently.

Many people get stuck with how much we “should” be doing, rather than really doing one or two things really well. Over and over and over.

Great marketing comes down to one thing. Consistency.

When I was newly divorced with five young kiddos that I had the majority of the time and trying to grow my business that could pay all the bills I had to be resourceful. In this episode I share that you don’t need to do it all… you just need to be strategic about who and where your clients are and show up consistently. Another quick win you can apply today!

Show Notes

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What is In the Nitty Gritty- Dedicated to women entrepreneurs juggling business, life, kids and everything else nitty gritty. ?

From the provider:

Life moves fast and so do these episodes. You're busy. Juggling all the things. Business, life, kids and everything else nitty gritty. But you have vividly wild dreams to get.

My name is Melissa Rose and let me just say I get that growing and family and scaling profitable business is no small feat. No matter how early we wake up or how much caffeine we consume.

But I’m here to tell you. You can and you will. Through consistent inspired action. In this show, we’re going to be encouraged, we’re going to be empowered and we’re going to leave with a quick win that you can apply today in your business, life or relationship. Sound good ladies?

Let’s get real.

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