AfterNoona Delight: KDrama Dishing and Deep Dives

Recording platform outages? They can't stop us! Your Afternoonas survived technical difficulties to bring you this month's Uncensored! Thanks to Neal, our resident Nam Do San, for basically being our entire IT department. And thank you to our patrons who never fail to give us the hard-hitting questions like who Amy would cast as the South Korean version of the Avengers, whether or not we like the third act break-up, and (gasp) Taek or Jun Yeol. Want to join in on the Uncensored content next month? Check out the link to our Patreon below. We'd love to have you!

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What is AfterNoona Delight: KDrama Dishing and Deep Dives?

Annyeonghaseyo! We’re three best selling American novelists who explore the wonderfully wacky world of K-Romance through a writer’s lens. We fangirl over our favorite characters, debate our favorite tropes, and nerd out through K-drama deep dives. Expect a few K-pop and K-skincare recs for good measure, because why not ride the Hallyu wave all the way to shore? So grab some Tteokbokki and listen to your new favorite unnis.


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