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Live content is going through an extraordinary boom, which has been accelerated by the pandemic. But as the world opens up and crowds return to in-person events, there's no sign of the boom stopping.

The DPP explored this development through its 'Going Live and Remote' series, focused on live content. In episode 6 of the DPP podcast, Mark and Rowan reflect on this piece of work and summarise what they learned with two special guests.

Show Notes

Almost every aspect of life can now be found as a form of live streamed content. This democratisation of live content has created a boom with huge implications for the professional media industry and its suppliers.

This year, the DPP produced 'Going Live and Remote', a trilogy of three reports to analyse this remarkable development:

Live Remote Production looked at how and where live content is now being produced.

The Business of Live delved into the market for live content and the emergence of 'live direct to consumer'.

Working Live explored what these changes mean for the workforces that bring live content into existence.

In this podcast episode, Mark and Rowan reflect on the series. Is this content type the next big disrupter? Did the pandemic change the way live content is made forever? Featuring guests Helen Killeen, Director of Production Non Scripted UK at ITV Studios, and Marcos Gonzalez-Flower, Head of Media Practice at Atos. 

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