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Preston Hadley | President & Founder @ Envision Automation & Controls
Solving problems that most people find impossible is what drives Preston Hadley. He's an industry leader and is on the front lines daily, making automation come to life all around him. He got his start in IT but fell in love with automation and controls and never looked back. Preston is taking it upon himself to address the skills gap in the industry, and his Change a Life Giveaway is one of the most impactful stories you'll hear. It centered around a drawing where the winner would receive a Siemens S7-1200 starter kit. The story gets even better when he shares that the winner was able to land a job in his desired field within a four-week span of taking the prize. Talk about immediate impact!

Preston returns to share updates on how Envision has grown since his last show.

We will talk about real-life examples of how standardization has helped this growth!

Plus, we're going to ask about what he's been able to help customers standardize and not standardize along the way.

A special thank you to Siemens for sponsoring this theme and your continued support of the community.

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