The Modern Manager

Do you ever wish you could accomplish more of your goals personally and professionally?
Many people believe that accomplishing goals is about time management when, in fact, it’s about holding yourself accountable.

But why is it hard for people to be accountable?

Joining me in this week’s episode are two guests who live and breathe accountability.

Today’s guests are Tasha Howland and Cheron Porter. Tasha and Cheron are passionate about helping individuals reach their highest potential both personally and professionally through accountability coaching, which they do through their business AQ partners.

Today, Tasha, Cheron, and I talk about all things accountability. We discuss why it’s hard to be accountable and the strategies to increase accountability for yourself and your team members.

We also dive into what a good accountability partnership looks like, how to support your team members to be accountable, and more.

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Conversation Topics
  • (00:00) Intro
  • (01:45) Why is it hard to hold people accountable
  • (03:13) #1 reason why people avoid self-accountability
  • (06:51) Explaining the chances of reaching your goals
  • (09:32) How to manage accountability during uncertain times
  • (11:51) What does it look like to have an accountability partner
  • (15:15) Factors that are essential in making a good accountability partner
  • (18:34) Formula in setting goals
  • (20:25) The power of specificity
  • (21:58) Tips for doing effective weekly accountability conversations
  • (26:41) Great managers that Tasha and Cheron have worked for
  • (29:50) Keep up with Tasha and Cheron
  • (31:04) [Extended Episode Only] How to find an accountability partner
  • (37:24) [Extended Episode Only] What to do when the other person always seems to make excuses
  • (41:02) [Extended Episode Only] How to make progress when accountability isn’t enough

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