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Rav has held a number of executive positions in various Enterprise Software companies over the last 20 years, most recently at Slack where he founded the global Customer Success team. In this episode we discuss how to structure, incent and align customer success across the organization; what you should measure in the early stage vs later stages, the most common mistakes founders make when setting up customer success; how to hire for customer success and more.

Show Notes

  • [01:13] - What is customer success and what is it not?
  • [06:32] - How do you align an organization to make customer success everyone’s business? 
  • [19:20] - When is the right time to introduce usage telemetry and analytics in an organization?
  • [20:58] - How do you hire the customer success leader?
  • [25:13] - What should your customer success organization should be based upon? [26:55] - How do you set up Customer success metrics or incentive system?
  • [31:33] - How do you structure CS teams to align with the farming/account expansion vs purely engagement and customer satisfaction?
  • [37:15] - What are the common mistakes companies make when it comes to customer success?

Rav Dhaliwal
Rav’s blog on Medium

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The InSide Scoop - Podcast on tools and technology
Creating Customer Success - Podcast by Daniel Cattini and Alex Truman
Customer Success - Book by Dan Steinman, Nick Mehta and Lincoln Murphy

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