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Kanye 'Ye' West has been claiming that 'The Jews' run the world and I wanted to find out if this is true or not. Being an apolitical, born Jew human being, I thought there is no better person to investigate than myself. If ‘The Jews’ really did run the world, this podcast would be #1 and as of right now it isn’t. So, other forces are at play.

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Kanye 'Ye' West has been claiming that 'The Jews' run the world and I wanted to find out if this is true or not. Being an apolitical, Jewish human being, I thought there is no better person to investigate than myself. The Jonathan Kogan Show (aka the most LIT podcast on the internet) does not take sides, has no bias, and analyzes the world through an apolitical lens (very important nowadays). Not to give everything away, but if “The Jews” really did run the world then this podcast would be number one since I’m Jewish. However, it is not. That means there are other powerful forces at play.

In addition to the Ye chronicles, we also investigate what is going on in the United States of America. It seems there are powerful forces trying to bring down the country, which the DarkHorse podcast addresses in a very clear way.

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What is The Jonathan Kogan Show?

The Jonathan Kogan Show brings you the most important, underreports news (and hot takes) that you need to know but the mainstream media is not covering. If you are searching for the truth, and of course the cold hard facts, then this podcast is for you. But, if you are looking for fake news and distractions from the real news, then you will be better off going to CNN, MSNBC, or Fox News. We do not cater to any corporations or powerful elites, but rather everyday peasants who simply want to know what is really going on without the propaganda.

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[jonathan_kogan]: forward slash ownership economy now let's get
to it Kanye Ye West first of all

[jonathan_kogan]: he's on Infowars right now and
that shit is bananas then is some wild

[jonathan_kogan]: stuff being said but Kanye Ye
West which we'll call Ye because he prefers

[jonathan_kogan]: to be called Ye says that Jews
run the world Jews control the world well

[jonathan_kogan]: I'm Jewish and I haven't gotten called
from Spielberg or from the Rothschilds or from

[jonathan_kogan]: George Soros well technically George Soros is
a self hating Jew who would confiscate property

[jonathan_kogan]: for the nazis back in nazi Germany
but none the less corn to Jewish standards

[jonathan_kogan]: he's a Jew what's that phrase again
no Jew left behind shit I feel like

[jonathan_kogan]: I'm left behind I feel like they
left me in the dumb star what's going

[jonathan_kogan]: on here this is crazy where's my
control I not Jewish enough what's going on

[jonathan_kogan]: this is bananas not fair not fair
in fact I got a hot take I

[jonathan_kogan]: got a hot take so Ye says
that the world is run by Jews and

[jonathan_kogan]: that may or may not be true
I don't know it may not be but

[jonathan_kogan]: I'll tell you what i'm not one
of those Jewish people I should be okay

[jonathan_kogan]: I'm very good at controlling things I
should have more power and control okay so

[jonathan_kogan]: whoever is running this game hit me
up but I got a take if Jews

[jonathan_kogan]: run the world well i think black
people run sports I think that black people

[jonathan_kogan]: run the b why are there more
Jewish players there should be more Jewish small

[jonathan_kogan]: forwards more Jewish centers and more Jewish
point guards okay okay sure there was Jordan

[jonathan_kogan]: Farmer okay he was he was a
point guard for the Lakers back up but

[jonathan_kogan]: he's not a good representation of the
Jews he stunk okay maybe he shot a

[jonathan_kogan]: good three ball every now and then
but he's not a good representation of

[jonathan_kogan]: our people he stunk okay like if
there was a guy let's say there was

[jonathan_kogan]: a guy named Abraham Goldberg okay and
he grew up in Akron he was six

[jonathan_kogan]: foot a two hundred sixty pounds ran
a four to forty had all the same

[jonathan_kogan]: opportunities as lebron james maybe we would
be talking about hey remember when abraham had

[jonathan_kogan]: that block in the finals against that
stuff he's amazing oh my god shalom muzzle

[jonathan_kogan]: tough maybe the jews would be running
the m b a i don't know i

[jonathan_kogan]: don't know it's just different takes from
all over the map we just got to

[jonathan_kogan]: talk about this stuff there should be
new there should be more jewish centers in

[jonathan_kogan]: the b but because we're like five
nine buck sixty we stink okay that block

[jonathan_kogan]: that blocked by abraham was incredible best
player ever abraham goldberg all right now let

[jonathan_kogan]: me tell you something straight this is
a comedic podcast okay every lock watch stand

[jonathan_kogan]: up comedy some people go and see
stand up comedy the purpose of this podcast

[jonathan_kogan]: is to create the first comedy podcast
that is like stand up for comedy now

[jonathan_kogan]: maybe not that was funny i think
it was good anyways talking about george sorrows

[jonathan_kogan]: being so much to get into so
i got some i got some clips to

[jonathan_kogan]: talk about with the brett wine stein
i think had a really he's a lifelong

[jonathan_kogan]: democrat very good take on what's going
on in the world i think he explains

[jonathan_kogan]: it very very well of what i've
been trying to explain over hundred plus episodes

[jonathan_kogan]: but still some people are brain washed
maybe this wil help crack it through um

[jonathan_kogan]: and then we got um m interesting
i said the life stream ended that's weird

[jonathan_kogan]: but anyways we ah then i got
in fact let me just play this clip

[jonathan_kogan]: from from from a walking out spurred
this first part of jewish people should be

[jonathan_kogan]: in the b a more and maybe
they do run the world but where's my

[jonathan_kogan]: remote control where's my power like it's
b s like no jew left behind well

[jonathan_kogan]: they left this jew behind all right
here's what here was said before he got

[jonathan_kogan]: before he walked out tim cast

[jonathan_kogan]: oh yeah yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: ye

[jonathan_kogan]: oh

[jonathan_kogan]: yeah yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: ye

[jonathan_kogan]: yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: and he just dipped out and didn't
come back yeah so listen if jews run

[jonathan_kogan]: the world which again may not be
true i think the world is really run

[jonathan_kogan]: by about twelve families the rascal being
one of the which i believe are jewish

[jonathan_kogan]: people it ain't all jewish people unfortunately
because i should have more power okay but

[jonathan_kogan]: that's not the case no i'm just
playing i don't really want more power we

[jonathan_kogan]: don't want none of that um but
he said he feels like whatever was butting

[jonathan_kogan]: in well i feel like a lion's
biting my ass unbelievable all right so that's

[jonathan_kogan]: that was when i just want to
play that clip for you so you knew

[jonathan_kogan]: what happened now i don't know should
we get into the george saros sixty minutes

[jonathan_kogan]: interview from nine to ninety eight of
him admitting to rounding up the jews because

[jonathan_kogan]: you know i talk about george shows
being a self hating jew and i mean

[jonathan_kogan]: he's jewish not i mean he hates
jews and i was like oh you know

[jonathan_kogan]: i don't know if that's true or
not well you know maybe we'll start with

[jonathan_kogan]: this first and then we'll get into
bretwinscenes amazing take on what's going on or

[jonathan_kogan]: hypothesis he has a great hypothesis this
is a real sixty minutes interview with george

[jonathan_kogan]: the horrible human being sore rose i'm
gonna play a clip from it and then

[jonathan_kogan]: we also got justin dred talking about
how a dictatorship is interesting in how it's

[jonathan_kogan]: you know it's good because you can
move innovation on a dime this world is

[jonathan_kogan]: unbelievable unbelievable so take a listen to
this george source this is a real sixty

[jonathan_kogan]: minutes interview here we go

[jonathan_kogan]: hold on hold on it was a
little bit fast you know i wish youtube

[jonathan_kogan]: actually allows you to go more than
two times fast i'm on like i'm pretty

[jonathan_kogan]: high up i go pretty fast now
on my audio but here take listen to

[jonathan_kogan]: this here we go if you're watching
this on you tube or or rumble it's

[jonathan_kogan]: i got the video going here we
go oh

[jonathan_kogan]: yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: oh

[jonathan_kogan]: so that your boy george sorrows having
no guilt confiscating properties from the jews who

[jonathan_kogan]: went to death camps we should definitely
take his advice by the way he collapses

[jonathan_kogan]: currencies and destroys countries all over the
world loves open borders hates people yeah definitely

[jonathan_kogan]: take advice from that guy he rounded
up the jews being a who were going

[jonathan_kogan]: to death camps did you feel any
guilt no no of course not it wasn't

[jonathan_kogan]: even me no it wasn't me yeah
next time you read something about that guy

[jonathan_kogan]: think twice all right bad bad dude
bad dude now in fact now you talk

[jonathan_kogan]: about bad dudes let's just play this
club about trudeau trude really said this when

[jonathan_kogan]: someone says that they are the that
that they most admire of all countries tana

[jonathan_kogan]: who is literally building camps now for
their people just finishing camps in fact some

[jonathan_kogan]: are being used okay and there are
death camps right now for certain class of

[jonathan_kogan]: people there but don't worry you should
love them they make your eye phone okay

[jonathan_kogan]: but we won't talk about that it's
awful justine joe said this in a in

[jonathan_kogan]: a little like fireside chat years ago
and they say it's a gap or whatever

[jonathan_kogan]: you say it is you know what
i mean or like he didn't mean it

[jonathan_kogan]: tell me if you think he meant
this and you see like the facial expressions

[jonathan_kogan]: if your just listen to this but
for example george arise was smiling liked you

[jonathan_kogan]: have guilt no well here's to do
talking about is admiration for china and how

[jonathan_kogan]: a dictatorship is interesting

[jonathan_kogan]: he was totally serious if you saw
if you weren't watching that go find my

[jonathan_kogan]: channel on on you tube on rumble
he was a thousand per cent serious a

[jonathan_kogan]: thousand percent serious okay that is who
is running the world right now we have

[jonathan_kogan]: and they're giving you subliminal messages like
that previous podcast i did with petafilia in

[jonathan_kogan]: balenciaga because like the more i'm learning
with like you know people who are like

[jonathan_kogan]: kind of under and i'm not a
religious guy but they can forces also you

[jonathan_kogan]: explain it like like children petafelit's crazy
it's disgusting but they're like they have i

[jonathan_kogan]: guess the way like i'm learning like
satan works or supposedly is they need to

[jonathan_kogan]: you need to be rick like they
need to tell you what they're doing nd

[jonathan_kogan]: then you do it you can't be
blind to like they need to put your

[jonathan_kogan]: face so they're telling you what they're
going to do the truth gets out there

[jonathan_kogan]: one way or another and you just
choose to listen or not listen okay they

[jonathan_kogan]: have filia in your face okay in
your face the world is currently run unfortunately

[jonathan_kogan]: by petifiles by people who hate human
beings that literally want trans hume ism which

[jonathan_kogan]: maybe we're just it's just before our
time and maybe that's a really good thing

[jonathan_kogan]: but they're obsessed with trans humanism look
it up it's in their documents please go

[jonathan_kogan]: read about a gender twenty thirty this
is all real i don't port fake ship

[jonathan_kogan]: and if i'm ever wrong i tell
you okay now speaking about what's going on

[jonathan_kogan]: and who's in power people who seem
to be last to understand they're being duped

[jonathan_kogan]: are people who are die hard on
the democrat team for whatever reason okay i

[jonathan_kogan]: mean yeah they're poably the last group
because i don't know why you die hard

[jonathan_kogan]: on either team because both teams don't
serve you meaning in the u s republican

[jonathan_kogan]: democrat even independent they all serve corporate
interests not you in case forgot um but

[jonathan_kogan]: here he explains it very well there's
three different part i'm gonna play three parts

[jonathan_kogan]: here okay take a listen to brett
wine steen who is a life long democrat

[jonathan_kogan]: lifelong very liberal talk about what's potent
going on because he's had whistle blowers from

[jonathan_kogan]: the army on his podcast to talk
about what's going on and so i'll play

[jonathan_kogan]: this first part here and again there's
three parts it's very good there a couple

[jonathan_kogan]: minutes each so let's start with the
first one here we go

[jonathan_kogan]: ye

[jonathan_kogan]: yeah yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: m

[jonathan_kogan]: so he'll get more into that in
a second but basically and he'll describe it

[jonathan_kogan]: more n a little bit here but
he's saying chances are if you were to

[jonathan_kogan]: give people bullshit information you wouldn't be
one hundred sent wrong on everything like the

[jonathan_kogan]: exact inverse just like it's very hard
to be a hundred per cent right on

[jonathan_kogan]: everything it's equally as difficult to be
a hundred per cent wrong like if you

[jonathan_kogan]: gave someone bullshit some would be right
maybe some would be wrong you know like

[jonathan_kogan]: it wouldn't be a hundred percent either
way but the fact that it's almost a

[jonathan_kogan]: perfect one hundred per in version is
a red flag is what he's saying i

[jonathan_kogan]: think he gets more into this in
the next couple of clips so here we

[jonathan_kogan]: go i mean it's just crazy so
let's see here we go i think this

[jonathan_kogan]: is the part where he talks about
a little bit more here we go oh

[jonathan_kogan]: oh

[jonathan_kogan]: yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: oh

[jonathan_kogan]: oh

[jonathan_kogan]: so they get more into this he's
saying how difficult it is to do that

[jonathan_kogan]: and brett saying i don't know you
know exactly where it is i couldn't you

[jonathan_kogan]: know obviously you can't prove something like
that but is it possible because it's a

[jonathan_kogan]: pay to play model for both parties
that perhaps since they don't care about the

[jonathan_kogan]: general public and they only care about
the corporate interest and their megadoners or there

[jonathan_kogan]: you know the people who don't into
the parties that they're both serving different corporations

[jonathan_kogan]: essentially and that since other countries and
foreign interests who do want to hurt america

[jonathan_kogan]: realize it's paid to play that they
are influencing both parties just are paying doesn't

[jonathan_kogan]: atter what party they're paying and they
and because the people who are being paid

[jonathan_kogan]: the politicians do not care about the
general public they don't know they're there directly

[jonathan_kogan]: hurting the American people they just don't
care they just want to make their donors

[jonathan_kogan]: happy and those donors are being influenced
by foreign interests which are trying to destroy

[jonathan_kogan]: america potentially and so they are just
doing as their owners tell them to do

[jonathan_kogan]: which they do and because they do
not care about the american public they only

[jonathan_kogan]: care about court part ations which by
the way corporations are thriving but small business

[jonathan_kogan]: is mom and pop jobs all went
out of business and are still going out

[jonathan_kogan]: of business and energy costs are being
too high so they came and pay their

[jonathan_kogan]: electric bill more bars and pubs are
being shut down and in great britain than

[jonathan_kogan]: there were before the pandemic like during
the pandemic so are they possibly just serving

[jonathan_kogan]: different corporate structures and the clintons are
the ones that changed all that for the

[jonathan_kogan]: democratic party where the g o p
the republicans have historically been evil that way

[jonathan_kogan]: and now they both became evil and
jimmy dore talks about this all the time

[jonathan_kogan]: how both parties re pro wall street
are pro war and our anti worker and

[jonathan_kogan]: they are they are they both are
and it's crazy not to see that here's

[jonathan_kogan]: the last part and the main point
of this this podcast was about why would

[jonathan_kogan]: america be hurting our military readiness why
would we want to hurt our own military

[jonathan_kogan]: readiness people who we train and spend
so much money on in order to have

[jonathan_kogan]: them ready if we need to go
to a war unfortunately why would we get

[jonathan_kogan]: them out of the army in the
military why would we just because they don't

[jonathan_kogan]: want to take you know a specific
medication you know that doesn't stop the spread

[jonathan_kogan]: which is proven to do that why
why are we telling them okay we're not

[jonathan_kogan]: gonna you have to retire were ot
going to pay you here's brad explaining it

[jonathan_kogan]: much better here's the last one

[jonathan_kogan]: oh ah

[jonathan_kogan]: so

[jonathan_kogan]: it

[jonathan_kogan]: yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: so h h i think he's got
a good take there i think he's got

[jonathan_kogan]: just good it's a good hypothesis it's
questions we need to ask its stuff we

[jonathan_kogan]: need to talk about it's a very
odd thing it's very very strange so

[jonathan_kogan]: in fact i kind of want to
tie i was not going expect this but

[jonathan_kogan]: i want to tie full circle actually
to the george sorrows sixty minutes because when

[jonathan_kogan]: i listened to that clip as the
as the interview went on it ended tying

[jonathan_kogan]: full circle to ukraine of all places
and how george sorrows has been so influential

[jonathan_kogan]: there since the nineties and he talks
about and brags about it to this day

[jonathan_kogan]: by the way but just take a
listen to this and just what's going on

[jonathan_kogan]: with russian creating how awful that war
is but you know sending all the money

[jonathan_kogan]: over there where's the money going we
don't have an audit but the is will

[jonathan_kogan]: audit you for spending six hundred dollars
on venmo but here take a take a

[jonathan_kogan]: listen to to this it's a short
clip about george sores who rounded confiscated property

[jonathan_kogan]: from the jews during the holi cost
and now nancy germany and his ties to

[jonathan_kogan]: where all the money is going from
the us tax payers hundred billion dollars

[jonathan_kogan]: so i won't go into the south
africa but he looks at the books of

[jonathan_kogan]: the central bank of ukraine where the
money probably gets transferred to this is the

[jonathan_kogan]: guy who hates jews he's a self
hating jew no problem look over here look

[jonathan_kogan]: over there look where we tell you
to keep looking you idiot you stupid peasant

[jonathan_kogan]: oh my god you can't make this
up man i'm thinking more and more were

[jonathan_kogan]: in a simulation people it's really it's
getting tough out here to think we're not

[jonathan_kogan]: it's getting real tough um so i
got some more to go into with the

[jonathan_kogan]: medical mystery linking tiktok to the explosion
of ticks and children but you know now

[jonathan_kogan]: to see here we should you know
you should keep going on tiktok while the

[jonathan_kogan]: tik tok and the u s like
tells you know kids to like i don't

[jonathan_kogan]: know boil something that will like catch
on boil your ditch while urginwichwill make a

[jonathan_kogan]: fire which will burn your face off
but in china they teach you how to

[jonathan_kogan]: do arithmetic or learn math here they
teach you how to tell how how bad

[jonathan_kogan]: men are and how bad women are
and how bad creating a family is and

[jonathan_kogan]: how bad it is to be an
american how bad it is to love your

[jonathan_kogan]: country how bad it is to be
nice to one another you must you must

[jonathan_kogan]: must hurt yourself it's crazy so yeah
and they can they can locate everything on

[jonathan_kogan]: your phone by the way but we're
not i'm not getting into his on the

[jonathan_kogan]: sigma getting to tiktok the tiktok tick
in the next segment but yeah so you

[jonathan_kogan]: got george charles round up the jews
best friends with the central bank and ukraine

[jonathan_kogan]: treated like a head of state in
the in the nineties that's from the nineties

[jonathan_kogan]: at sixty minutes no problem here no
problem here jews not having enough of um

[jonathan_kogan]: presence in the ba or the f
l very disheartening very very disheartening very very

[jonathan_kogan]: sad jews running the world may may
not be true we don't know we don't

[jonathan_kogan]: know i can't know why because this
jew yeah me wasn't invited to the round

[jonathan_kogan]: table they didn't invite the number one
jew podcast on the internet to the table

[jonathan_kogan]: but no they say joe rogan is
the best podcast but he's not jewish what's

[jonathan_kogan]: that about what the hell's that about
what is that about you got joe rogan

[jonathan_kogan]: but what about john cogan okay joe
rogan no problem no problem he's into whatever

[jonathan_kogan]: but the g john the ogan yeah
well if we ran the world this podcast

[jonathan_kogan]: would be number one on the fucking
internet okay excuse my language but very important

[jonathan_kogan]: that we could become number one one
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