In this episode, Neil & Jared aim to talk about the Oedipus Complex, but they end up talking about the Oedipus Complex, and a lot of other stuff besides.

Show Notes


In this episode, we set out to talk about the Oedipus Complex... and we do talk about it, but we also end up talking about several other (related?) things a well.

1. Bruce Fink's books 
2. Psychoanalytic Diagnosis by Nancy McWilliams
3. Lacan, Seminar VII
4. Lacan, Seminar XVII
5. Freud, Beyond the Pleasure Principle
6. Freud, Totem & Taboo
7. Why Theory Podcast 

What is InForm:Podcast?

The InForm:Podcast seeks to be an informal and informative way to talk about the intersection of Social Work (or social justice if you prefer), Psychoanalysis, and Critical Theory.