The Assistant Principal Podcast

I’m asking for your help.

I’ve put together an MVP (minimally viable product) training video and am looking for a few people to pilot it. In exchange for access to this mini-PD, you would be committing to the following:
• Watching the video (about 45 minutes, but can be chunked into six parts)
• Completing the feedback form (5-15 minutes)
• Providing your email address knowing that I will not spam you but will provide you with updates on the project and updated materials

The pilot will run from May 3-17, so you would have two weeks to watch the video and complete the feedback form.

If you want to make this commitment, please email me ( You will then receive an invitation to join my website as a member of the 4-patterns pilot group and will have access to the video.

PLEASE – if you don’t have time to follow through, save both of us stress and pass on this opportunity. There will be others.

What is The Assistant Principal Podcast?

A bi-weekly podcast to improve the quality of life and leadership for assistant principals.