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A brief, concise history of Taiwan from the late 1800s to 1970.

Show Notes

A brief, concise history of Taiwan from the late 1800s to 1970. This episode covers: 
  • Colonial rule in Taiwan (Portuguese & Dutch, Chinese, Japanese... etc) 
  • Sub-ethnicities within the Taiwanese people — Native Indigenous (many tribes), Hokkien, Hakka, and mainlander 
  • Japanese rule of Taiwan from 1895 to 1945. 
  • Post-WII change from Japanese rule back to Chinese rule
  • 228 Incident in 1947 
  • KMT exile to the island of Taiwan and the repercussions, White Terror 
  • Relations with US, China, and Taiwan 
  • + more 
- I make the mistake a time or two of calling the "Republic of China (ROC)" as the same as the KMT. The KMT is a political party, while the Republic of China is the name they often call the country of Taiwan, as they moved the headquarters of the ROC over to Taiwan in 1949. The KMT and ROC are different entities, though very intertwined. 
- I also failed to clarify that some pre-1949 Taiwanese people did indeed join the KMT. Not all KMT members are "mainlanders." 

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