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A big breakfast in every way: 4 beers, 2 extra people, and a whole lot of nonsense.

Show Notes

In a very special 10th episode, we invite the Zac and Adam from Cruel and Unusual Nourishment on to the show for a truly big breakfast. We work our way through an unprecedented 4 beers (!), talk a little about the history of Kellogg's, but mostly spend about an hour making each other laugh instead.

Featured beers: Murray's Brewing Company - Coco Hops, Garage Project - Cereal Milk Stout, Deeds Brewing - Naked Brunch, Founders Brewing - Breakfast Stout

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Hey Brew artwork provided by Pickle Ipsum.

What is Hey Brew?

A show about beer and storytelling. Join Elliot and Mike as they discover a new beer (without all the craft beer jargon) and tell a story related to that beer, no matter how tangential the connection.